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For educators, kindergartens and schools - For parents - For companies and institutions - For policy makers

We offer seminars, workshops, coaching, consulting and educational programs.

* * * Seminar & workshops * * *

Topics include:

-Powering kids’ creativity in a digital world

-Developing empathy

-Creating higher focus and unleashing your super brain

-Digital technologies: using them right and finding balance in everyday life
-Responsible and safe use of social media: a guide for teens and adults

All our workshops include theory and practice (practical exercises and techniques), individual questions and all the materials you will need for the session.

* * * Conferences, talks & seminars * * *

For companies and institutions. Topics include:
-Methodologies for working with children: How to listen to children's voices in and for the city's development

-How to create child-friendly, liveable, sustainable cities.

* * * Coaching, for kindergartens or schools * * *

Pick 2-3 problems or goals to work on, and our coach will guide you towards finding a solution and establishing SMART goals to reach your objectives and see the change your school is seeking. Common topics include helping children and youth to be calmer and focused, minimizing digital distractions, to have a balanced use of social media, among others.

* * * Coaching, for individuals and for parents and children * * *
We offer coaching sessions and a custom-made plan to help you or your family establish a balanced relationship to the digital. This service aims to help you get in control of your time and attention, not letting your smartphone, iPad, computer, social media, the Internet or videogames disrupt personal and family balance. We do our best to meet your expectations with concrete, measurable results. 

* * * Consulting * * *

A consulting service is advised if you wish expert, research-based advice or studies on a particular topic dealing with children’s digital wellness, connected to their use of technology, sustainability or balanced living. This service is especially designed for public and private companies, institutions and for policy makers. 

* * * Research * * *

On any of the topics connected to our expertise. Send us an e-mail indicating the type of information you are after and possible delivery date, and one of the members of our research staff will get in touch.

Educational Counseling

The Path to Success

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

Want to learn more about my services? Get in touch today and see what I can offer you.


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