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About KidsAware

Committed to Excellence

* * * WHO WE ARE * * *

Kids Aware is a platform dedicated to spread knowledge and awareness on how to help children develop a balanced use of digital technologies, helping them to keep their connection with the natural, offline world. We are committed to children's well-being. Kids Aware offers expert, research-based advice on the topics of children, balanced used of digital technologies and the creation of sustainable futures. We offer innovative educational programs, workshops, conferences, coaching, consulting services and unique methodologies for parents or caregivers, teachers and educators, schools and public and private companies and institutions.

* * * OUR GOAL * * *

Our goal is to teach and create awareness about how kids (children & youth) can have a balanced use of digital technologies, taking care of their physical, cognitive or mental and emotional well-being. We wish to enhance children’s focus, creativity, intelligence, empathy and overall well-being, presenting a balanced approach to the use of digital technologies.


* * * HISTORY * * *
Told by Johana, the founder

Kids Aware was born out of my observations and talks with children, parents and educators around the world. In my trips to 29 countries, I observed how many children and youth are no longer able to focus and to be present. Rather, many were distracted by modern digital technologies, such as the Internet, iPads, smartphones, videogames and other devices. If deprived from their devices, many kids became angry, sad, anxious or frustrated. Further, my scientific research made me understand the consequences of using these technologies.

In moderation and when used at the right age and time, they can enhance children’s knowledge and skills. In excess or at the wrong time or age, they can be very damaging for children’s development and future, hijacking their time and attention, impacting their well-being.


In a digital age and world, we all know that sometimes it can challenging to guide and educate kids about the potential dangers technology brings. Therefore, Kids Aware is committed to ease the load off your shoulders and help you co-create a brighter, balanced future for children and coming generations. If you’d like to learn more about us and our workshops, seminars, programs and consulting services, book an introductory meeting today.

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