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Parents with Child

Kids Aware

Making kids, parents & teachers aware in a digital world

Kids Aware is a platform dedicated to spread knowledge and awareness on how to help children develop a balanced use of digital technologies, helping them to keep their connection with the natural, offline world. We are committed to children's well-being. Our goal is to enhance children’s focus, creativity, intelligence, empathy and overall well-being, presenting a balanced and practical approach to the use of digital technologies.

We are also committed to creating better, sustainable futures for and with children. Our work aims to contribute to create awareness in parents, teachers and children to encourage decisions that protect the planet.


We offer innovative educational programs, workshops, ludic learning activities, conferences, coaching, consulting services and unique methodologies for parents, teachers, schools and public and private companies and institutions.

Kids in Art Class
Children Playing

Our values

Awareness - Sustainability - Balance & Well-being

Kids Aware's core values guide our work. We strive for our best, planting seeds of awareness today, so that the future that children and new generations inherit will be bright. We believe in a world where technology -used in a balanced, responsible, ethical way- is at the service of humanity. We envision a world in which high human values and actions align in order to create a sustainable world.

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